Beware MAC vs PC posting for darker images

Started by pclavett, June 12, 2024, 07:05:05 AM

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Noted a big problem yesterday when posting to FB from my Mac..... the image is totally different on Mac as compared to my PCs. They are so dark on the Mac that you can barely see anything. Looking at the FB post on my Mac is an entirely  different experience than looking at it from my PC. Same for my girlfriend's MacBook Air, same from my MacPro, same for a friend with a MacBook Pro. Display brightness was at max on all my attempts to see the image as it appears on my PCs. Funny thing is that as I was doing some Facetime with my friend with the Mac, my Iphone taking shots of the screen was seeing much more detail than my eyes could from the screen. When I looked at my post on FB on my iPhone, the image was a lot clearer and less dark than on the laptops and desktop. Went and Google and nothing recent on this issue. This morning took a screenshot from my MacBook Pro of this post and compared it to how it look from my PC on this same post. The Mac screenshot even made it look a little better on the PC but there is definite differences mostly in the shadows with the grass and flowers and the difference is also quite evident on the moon. When I tried yesterday to make a image set to look good on my Macs, looked way overexposed on the PCs. The difference is less evident on daytime scenes where there seems to be practically no difference. Think I will continue to use mostly my PCs for the major works and posts, in any event, they are a lot faster. I may just have made the transition complete to Mac to PC..... or as most Mac people (including myself) often say..... passing on to the dark side !

PS: image below is a composite of how it shows on Mac (left) and PC (right), and whatever difference is incredibly more evident for the eye (not just mine BTW) as compared to screenshots but the difference is still evident.
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