Planet Rendering issue

Started by David Burnett, January 03, 2007, 05:28:05 PM

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David Burnett

I'm having my first go at rendering a TG2 Planet from high orbit.

The trouble is if I look straight down (rotation -90,0,0) at the planet even the 3D render preview
takes forever, well I've left it for a few hours and its still there saying "Rendering... detail 5".

If I switch the water off or set the camera rotation to (-89, 0,0) the it renders at
a normal speed.

Have I hit a big ?


The lake is too big! It's 1e+008 meters in radius. Apparently if it is bigger than 1.167878e+007 meters in radius, terragen has a heart attack. The planet in your scene is only 6.378e+006 meters in radius. The lake is bigger than the planet.