Object Populations: Trouble Selecting Individual Instances.

Started by Cyber-Angel, January 03, 2007, 07:28:57 pm

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Having looked around here I couldn't find an answer to my question.

I am having trouble selecting an individual instance in a population group, despite having changed the spacing distance to 50. It seems that no matter where on the instance I click I can not get its bounding box to turn yellow and get access to its origin handles to move individual instances (In this case trees) so that they maybe placed in the places I want them to be.

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Unfortunately, you can't select individual members of a population.  You can use a distribution shader to affect where the population lies but that's about it


Hiya i think this is the best place to pop this im not sure but ive got a problem with my tree population.

Its just a play render so dont comment on anything i know tis a baden lol..but i cant seem to work out how to get my trees to stop growing up the slopes ...ive seen a few posts about the displacment shader etc but im one of these thick ppl that needs it spelling out so if anyone has five ..let me know lol ::)


and just incase anyone says ....yes ive played about with the numbers to change the rectangle size and tried pulling it further away from the mountians but ..well it aint workin lol


Use a surface layer as the population density shader. Just note that slope and hieght restrains need to be set fairly sharp.
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hhmmmm lol i know your tryin to help but ....desity shader ....i'll give it a go but i really am dumb lol