Exporting scene to another 3D app

Started by Gkon, January 10, 2008, 10:21:58 am

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The first version of Terragen had some third party plugins developed in order to have a scene be compatible with other applications.
I use Cinema 4D as my main 3D application and used to have a plugin called Terra 4D which enabled me to import geometry, lights and camera info into the program.
I was wondering if there is a method to do this in the new Terragen with the latest release of C4D?
The plugins developed thus far are limited to the first Terragen (of which fail to work with the latest release of C4D).
For my money, it would be an obvious feature to include in any official release of the program in the near future.


This is in the wrong thread, but I think plug-ins will be added after the initial final release and the SDK release.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Improved "native" import/export support is a major focus for us after the final release. The later release of the SDK will also allow 3rd parties to add-in support for many additional features and formats.

- Oshyan


OMG. if you add Terragen 2 support/plug-ins for Cinema 4D, I will fly to your house and...uhh......'hug' you.