Cirrus clouds behind second planet

Started by Astaroth, January 07, 2008, 11:26:57 am

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What's happening in the other treath is that they're converting a vector made by vornoi's and/or perlin's into colour. If I am not mistaken, the vector's XYZ become the colour's RGB, which means that you could controll the colour using vector manipulations (dot products and stuff like that). Also, the colours indicate the direction of the vector at that point. The redder, the more towards the X, green's pointing towards the Y and blue indicates the Z direction.


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Sorry for my late answer, didn't have lot of time to play with terragen. Thank you very much for all the answers und tgd files!
I will test it later!


//Edit --> Tested it

Okay, it seems that you have used spheres instead of planets. Thank you very much, this solution helps me to get the clouds behind the planet.
But why does this work with spheres and not with planets, and btw whats the difference between them?

Now I get another problem. As you see in my test-renderings, I get lost of the coronas from the suns, when I use spheres, is there any way to get them back?
The pictures gets a bit strange with the spheres :/ It seems that the light goes directly through the spheres...


The corona question is easy  ;D  the spheres are just that big balls hanging in space, the planets have atmospheres, which give the corona effect. 

No idea why the nebula (Distant cloud), is showing through the planets  :(  My guess is that it is related to a known problem with the sorting order of cloud, atmosphere and planet surface.  This usually manifests itself as the horizon showing through the clouds, I am sure I have seen it reported somewhere that this has been solved and will go away in the final version. 

Keep an eye on the other thread:

As this nebula idea is being developed using the vector density experiments mentioned previously, so has migrated there.

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Okay thank you for fast answer.

So I hope on the final version to have both: clouds and coronas.
Will follow the other thread.


j meyer

As far as i can say from my recent object tests (and spheres
are objects) there is a light through objects issue in TG2TP2.
And you should be able to use planets aswell.


OK I definitely do not know what is causing your nebula to be visible through your planets  ;D

Here are a couple of very low quality renders of a trial using a second planet. 

You might find the tgd chugs a bit as I increased the quality of both atmospheres and the near clouds.  The scales are better than they were in the original test, the nebula is rubbish but fixing that is just a matter of changing the density fractal.
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Okay... thats very crazy, in my last post you see, that the cirrus clouds are in FRONT of the planet, I didn't change anything to the clouds, just disabled the spheres and enabled the planets again, now it works perfectly :)
Don't now if I was drunken or so, but now it's fine. So thank you :)


I think the combination of the background image and the nebula works well in your scene, I am looking forward to the finished version.

I am probably going to develop the second test into a finished scene although I will try for a more solid look to the nebula.
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