What's going on here? Bug?

Started by Kevin F, January 04, 2007, 09:58:33 am

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Kevin F

These stange dotty lines appear to come from the sun area. Anybody seen this before? Detail 0.5 antialias 3. Nothing special about anyother settings. I was simply trying out placing an obj. into a scene, but the problem appears without the obj. as well.


Looks like the little black dots are all over the terrain too, so it's obviously not atmosphere quality.  :-\


Did you notice in the terrain preview small bits of the terrain mesh that Brock off when you moved the camera to that POV. Right now TG2 seams to have a bug in its drawing of the terrain in the preview whereby the terrain will break apart along the edges, you can often see floating parts of the terrain (Noticeable when zooming the camera) that seam detached form the rest of the terrain. This can result in small parts of the terrain mesh been left in the image at render time.

Thus once the image is complete you are left with small black dots as shown on the image, vary different form the kind of rendering artifacts caused by sample settings been to low.

TG2 needs two things:

The first of these is a collision detection system (Similar to the ones found in flight simulation games) to prevent terrain mesh edge tearing along the edges and prevent the camera form passing through the terrain on zooming.

The Second thing that TG2 requires is some form of garbage detection and removal system that cleans up any artifacts from detached terrain triangles (Most often encountered on the horizon) and remove them automatically as part of the general functioning of the 3D preview, and it should also run at render time to look for and remove any remaining of these artifacts, this maybe necessary if this system where heuristic.

Regards to you.



oh well i think I HAD this kind of bug... strange dots concentrated to part of my terrain... i couldnt solve it... but u should try higher atmos settings first


I haven't seen that bug before. Would you be able to share your .tgd file for troubleshooting?

- Oshyan