Big rendering problems...

Started by Vampyrebe, January 22, 2008, 11:16:27 am

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Hi again,

I felt these were two separate subject, and so I wrote two separate posts...

I'm a user of Terragen since years, and when Terragen 2 was released, I tried it... But got lost in confusion because it was very much different than the Terragen I was used to.

I must say I never encountered a problem with Terragen 1 during my renderings. It was always neat.

Now, I finally decided I had to learn Terragen 2, and it definitely rocks... But I have weird renderings problems.

The very first image I rendered was perfect. It was an example file... Just wanted to see a render on my screen.

Then, I started to play around, and to search for some tutorials explaining me how it all works... And I'm starting to be confident in the use... So I decided to follow a "Cloud" tutorial I found somewhere on the net. It was really nice, and I was happy with my settings, so I hit the render button.

It took 3 hours 42 minutes to complete. And the result was awfull... Big black dots everywhere on the rendered image. I was so angry I even didn't saved the file nor the image. So I can't show it to you.

This morning, I started a second image... Just to toy with Terragen 2. Just to see what I could try to accomplish. I hit the render again. It took 33 minutes and I was almost happy with the image... But when I took more attention to it, it seems there are black lines on the picture... Not very neat... Here is the result of that image... :

You can see the black lines on the left hand side, over the green mountain.

Do you have any idea why it renders like this ? When I go to renderosity, their image are so neat, with no problem at all like I encounter. So I guess I'm doing something wrong... Any idea what do I do wrong ?


I can't see too much in the image... possibly lost in the conversion to GIF?

If it's a complete render then the diagonal line across the image looks like a cloud acceleration cache glitch.

Posting a tgd also helps so we can check various settings for you.


Oups... Ok, thanks... I joined the TGD file... It must be some tweak with the parameters, as I just finished rendering another image (my sunset over the sea), and the image is just perfect...

Kevin F

I don't know quite what you're trying to achieve here, but for one thing I can't see any black lines - just patches of blackish green areas on the mountain. Are you trying to have low clouds over a snowy green mountain?
If so, the intense green colour looks really odd to me and is being caused by using the cloud fractal shader v3 01 in the shader group, which is also making part of the terrain look like it's covered in snow.
Why is this here? Disable it and the intense green problem disappears. Then if you want snow, make at least one surface layer coloured white and adjust the distribution/height etc.
I've attached an amended .tdg file and small pic. Hope this helps, but I'm not sure what effect you want. Sorry if it's not right.


Wow... Thanks for the help... Very nice indeed... I don't know what I was trying lol... I was toying with Terragen to try and learn how it worked... Now, with the kind of comment you just let me, I know more... Thanks for the corrected file... I'll have a look at it to see how you did so I can learn more and make some better renderings :)

Yeap, the aim was mainly to do some low clouds and see how it rendered...

Thanks for the help !