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Started by neods, February 04, 2008, 04:40:26 PM

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I read about the "Intersect Underlying" option here at the forums. JimB used that when he had two cloud layers in the same altitude, I quess to blend them together. I've been trying to find this option in terragen menus, but I can't find in anywhere. Can anyone help and point me to the right direction?


It's in the Effect tab but only on certain shaders, not the cloud layer or cloud density shader, I'm guessing that JimB added something like an image map shader which has this effects tab.
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Whoops, sorry I forgot to reply to your PM.

The clouds image started out as experimenting with surface layers on terrains only. But then it spiralled out of control and became more about clouds, so it doesn't apply to those I'm afraid.

Sorry 'bout that. My bad.
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