Border Blending Crash (Assign Shader)

Started by sinthetic, January 05, 2007, 01:19:16 AM

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Hello, I was poking around the new T2 and stumbled on a repeatable crash. I have a terrain built and go to the Border Blending section and then press the three dots to get the comtextual menu, from there I select "Assign Shader" then choose "Atmosphere 1" "Planet 1" or "Base Colors" and then get an immediate crash.

I am using an Intel 2X 2.66 GHZ Duo Core mac running 10.4.7 GeForce 7300GT 256 MB Video card.

I did a quick search and didn't see this posted, but am guessing I may have used the wrong keywords, sorry if this is old news.



It shouldn't crash with the Atmosphere, but in the case of the Planet and Base Colors conection what you're doing is creating a loop (you're connecting a node further down in the network to one that comes before it, which is impossible to calculate). This is a problem we're aware of and we'll be implementing checks in the future to prevent this kind of connection and warn the user.

- Oshyan