Strange dotty lines .tgd file

Started by Kevin F, January 05, 2007, 03:48:13 AM

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Kevin F

Hi Oyshan,
Here's the file without the .obj. I've played around with some of the quality/anti alias settings for both quick and full rendering. The lines are always there.
However, I've noticed that by increasing the render quality to 0.8 the problem gets worse! The lines become very distinct and with almost no breaks/dots. If you run the file as attached you'll see in the small cropped area three distinct phases of rendering: first the usual starry night, then a "filtered" version showing the lines as white dots, then the final "colour" version.

One slightly of topic question - I gather TG2 has no back-face culling option or equivalent?



Ah, here it is. :D Thanks.

Some culling is performed but it does need improvements for greatest efficiency. We'll be working on this for the final version as part of the overall rendering optimization. You can expect the final release to be a good deal faster than the Tech Preview, especially on multi-core/multi-CPU systems (due to multithreading).

- Oshyan


Having taken a look at the file it seems like your camera is ever so slightly underneath the terrain. Raising the camera slightly seems to fix it. It's still technically a bug though because the preview altitude indicator says you're above the terrain.

Thanks for the report. :)

- Oshyan