They must think cockatoos are stupid...

Started by Harvey Birdman, February 15, 2008, 09:38:21 am

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Harvey Birdman

Funny story about destructive cockatoos - I really don't know about the human's strategy, though - they're going to tether the eagle to the building? How long do you think it'll take for the cockatoos to figure that out? These are smart friggin' birds - I say it'll take them about a week or two before they realize the eagle is no threat. Once they do, the eagle's life will be miserable - mercilessly teased by a rowdy bunch of cockatoos...



"So far they have caused more than US$63,000 (£32,000) worth of damage."

Well, if they are daft enough to replace US$63,000 (£32,000) worth of lightbulbs, they deserve everything they get! Why not go to the next building along and dump a massive pile of sunflower seeds on its roof. Damn sight cheaper than hiring 2 birds and a handler for weeks on end, and that way the eagle and falcon can go home.  ;D
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Harvey Birdman

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Way to think outside the box, Mr. M.    :D


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I'm with you, Harvey.  The idea that the cockatoos are just going to let these tethered birds alone is daft.  What it would take is letting a falcon rip into a couple.  That would probably deter them.  Not sure anyone would intentionally set that up, though.
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