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Started by dmschenk, January 05, 2007, 10:44:07 AM

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I have gone through and created a couple of default settings in the default.gui file. for instance I've created a 1680x1050 Full Render.  It works fine for anything new but if I open any older files or someone elses files they go away. 
So is there or will there be a way to override or add too the .gui file to maintain personal settings no matter what file you open?



The size of a render, for example, is not a treated as a personal setting, if I am not mistaken. It is simply a value in one of the many nodes in the file. What you are basically saying is that you want to choose the nodes you wish to load from a file? Like you want to load every node but the render related nodes?

You could just copy and paste the render node from one of your default files, or you could save your render node as a clip file and when you open another file, you can import it and connect it up.


well actually what I'm thinking about is if it would be possible to append a file to the end that would add settings like this. 
you are right about it not treating as a personal setting but I don't see a reason that it couldn't.  maybe adding an additional .GUI file strictly for personal settings after a .tgd file has been loaded.  you could also add top view, front view right & left views "personal views"  ;)   all with xml. 
It may even be possible to create menus of settings and clip files like dirt, sand, snow, rough water, smooth water etc.. for later use like a library.



Some of these things should be easily possible and may be implemented. However due to the fact that things like render settings are held in nodes and will likely be duplicated from project to project, as well as the fact that renderer and camera connections can vary dramatically, setting up an "overide with defaults" system would probably be difficult. Essentially you would need the project loader to determine a camera to attach the render node and chosen settings to. Alternatively you could have it just override render settings in one of the project's renderers, but again choosing which one is the difficulty. Imagine for example if someone decided to added a few extra cameras and render nodes for their scene. How does the loader know which one to override or replace? And if you just add, then you lose the camera position someone else setup, which may be an important part of their scene.

This doesn't mean something along these lines won't be implemented, but the difficulties involved do lower the likelihood somewhat.

- Oshyan



I just thought I should clarify that the .gui files are nothing to do with projects and settings etc. I think the file the OP is talking about here is the default.xml file.

I also like to further what Oshyan mentioned. I think it would be good for the user to be able to specify their own default project file, which would be loaded when TG2 starts up or when you choose to create a new project ( i.e. from the File menu ). TG Mac v0.9 lets you do this. However the idea of overloading settings in loaded files and such automatically would probably be impractical and rather fraught with difficulty. Doing it manually could be possible, and might be consider for the future.

We do plan on having a library type interface which will allow you to create collections of settings such as surface layers and whatnot.