An entertaining but insignificant bug...

Started by Dark Fire, February 20, 2008, 08:10:32 PM

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Dark Fire

Yes...Today I encountered a rather entertaining bug in T2TP. Quite simply, when I checked for updates manually (I was quite bored), a window telling me that there are no new updates for Terragen 2 appeared. So far, so good...but then, about a second later, another window conveying the same information appeared, then another, then another, etc. I sat and watched for a while before killing tgd.exe.

Erm...That's it. Hardly catastrophic, and I can't replicate it. If anybody actually wants to investigate, I hadn't loaded any projects (i.e. the default project was loaded), and my operating system is Windows Vista (may have something to do with it, as I had only ever used T2TP on XP until a few days ago).



This bug is fixed - the showing multiple dialogs problem, not the no updates thing unfortunately :-).




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