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Started by robfigee, February 20, 2008, 08:03:01 am

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Hi, is it possible to import objects into a Terragen 9.43 landscape, like trees or other 3D shapes?
If so, what should their extension be?
No doubt newbee questions, but I would very much like to know.
Thanks in advance,



Quick answer...

No ..




If you want to import 3D objects you'll have to use TG2. - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


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Hi, Thanks for your answer. I allready suspected this would be the case, so I downloaded TG2, but I do not understand how that works! Also the rendering took much longer than in TG 9 and the interface is not as userfriendly and intuitive as the old version.



i am currently looking at using onyx trees with archicad-how do you make different objects from the output 3ds file?


I'd import the 3ds file into something free like Anim8or then export it as obj or lwo. LWO has everything in one file but I don't think Anim8or supports that format. OBJ, on the other hand, uses two separate files for meshes and materials, but I know for a fact Anim8or supports exporting it. TG2 can import both LWO and OBJ.
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There are enough parts of T2 that are similar to T0.9 that you'll be able to migrate quite fast.
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