Python and Wallaby

Started by marginata, February 28, 2008, 09:35:27 pm

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A bit Australian wildlife!!!!!!!!

Here is a pic and story involving a python and its prey

DARREN Cleland could not believe his eyes when he saw this monster python on the banks of the Barron River west of Cairns.

The former Cairns councillor was at his rural property at Bilwon last month when he heard a neighbour's dog barking and rushed down to the water's edge to find the snake devouring a full-size wallaby with a joey in its pouch.

He estimated the python was at least 5m long.

"We were more amazed than anything that a python could get its mouth around an animal of that size," he told The Cairns Post last night.

"We've seen a few snakes but never anything this big."

Mr Cleland said the experience was a good lesson for his children to be wary of all snakes.

"We figured if it could eat the wallaby, it could easily eat our five-year-old."

Mr Cleland sent the images to The Cairns Post after it yesterday revealed how a 5m python swallowed the Peric family's pet dog on Monday night.

Daniel Peric said he now would not leave his two children, aged five and seven, alone in any part of their Kuranda house.

The python was removed from the Peric's home by Australian Venom Zoo owner Stuart Douglas.

It will be released back into the wild away from humans and roads in the next few days, after being checked by a reptile specialist and officers from Queensland Parks and Wildlife.

In the meantime the python, named Fluffy because of its appetite for furry animals, is curled up in a special room at the Venom Zoo while it digests its prey.

Mr Douglas said scrub pythons grew up to 8m in length and there was documentary evidence they could break a man's arm or strangle an adult to death.


look at its mouth...HUGE!!!.....holy cow thats a BIG snake...
"His blood-terragen level is 99.99%...he is definitely drunk on Terragen!"

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I saw the story about the dog getting woofed, but I'd missed this one. The dog was a chihuahua cross - gulping that down wasn't much of a feat. This is somewhat more impressive.

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This is not the largest prey that is physiologically possible for a snake of the constrictor type to consume, due to the reticulated jaw design in snakes of this type basically meaning that it possible for them to purposefully disjoint their lower jaws yet still have control over its opening. There have been instances in the past notably in regions in South America where Constrictors have eaten small children, morbid yes but true none the less.

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Have a look at and at for a couple more Australian python pics


Blimey Mate, I don't wish to have a blue with ya but you keep spelling G'day wrong that I can see!

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Wow.  Incredible -- about the python. 
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


I know, that mean I've been spelling G'day wrong... Being American though I think I'm allowed too however.
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