Reflective Terrain?

Started by ProjectX, January 07, 2007, 05:59:14 am

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I'm making a snowy scene with a strong overhang, and I want the material displayed on the steep slopes to be a dark blue, with a slight reflection, is it possible to add reflection to a terrain or to a surface layer? Or will I have to wait for a later version?


Yes, it is possible--just use a Reflective Shader.

I've done it, e.g. in this scene.


That's a cool picture, how did you set it up? I put a reflective shader in but couldnt get it to work properly. Could iIsee the .tgd file? Or maybe a screenshot of the node layout?


You can add a child layer to the surface layer you want to be reflective and choose the reflective shader.


is it that easy? lol, thanks