Suggestions for NEW TG2

Started by lifeh2o, April 08, 2008, 06:47:57 AM

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Some part of the renderer have been made faster in some situations, yes. The GI lookup improvements should apply well to dense vegetation as far as my testing has shown. But in many scenes you may find there is no apparent speedup in the next update if you only have one core to run on. Karsten's benchmark actually runs slightly slower, for example, due to the way we had to fix some bugs and the improvements made to the ray tracer. Swings and roundabouts, as they say. The solutions to some rendering problems unfortunately result in things taking a little bit longer. Overall I think it will prove to be faster on complex scenes.

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Thanks for your response Matt :)
It seems it will be faster for me then since I have a quadcore and more complex scenes as time goes by :)



QuoteWhat do you mean? Do you mean there should be a minimum quality or a maximum quality?
By adjustable quality i mean to say that, for example if i set the quality of live preview to e.g. 10 the preview continues to render until it reaches quality 10 and if i set it to 1 preview renders itslef until the quality 1 is achieved.

And above i said that preview refreshes itself unnessesarily, one exapmle of that is when i m setting the clip region size, it refresh.

There should be some way to set and get distance of two planets or any two objects. It will make postioning of objects alot easier.
There should be a method to set and get size of objects and in meters, feet or some other unit to make scaling easier.