pepsi or cola?!

Started by lightning, April 18, 2008, 02:17:36 am

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what do you like best?

like pepsi
8 (21.1%)
coca cola
23 (60.5%)
dony like any!!!
7 (18.4%)

Total Members Voted: 37


just a random question what do you like best pepsi or coca cola?

i myself like pepsi better i find it has a nicer taste, coke tastes abit watery to me!


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I really like drinking Naked juice.

But, if I don't have that or rum or plum wine from Australia, I'll take a diet Coke.   8)
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Coke = sweet
Pepsi = bitter
At least to my taste buds.


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Quote from: Will on April 18, 2008, 02:53:28 pm
Dr. Pepper.

thats nice!

i drink heaps of energy drinks to like
red bull
lift plus
demon and angel


You need a choice for "The one that's on sale at the time".  ;D


i hate pepsi ! it tastes a bit like diet coke to me -_-'
coca's sweet !



When I do have cola type drink, which I don't all that often, I choose Pepsi. Coke sets my teeth on edge, and then makes them feel fuzzy. I don't really go for the diet styles of these drinks, I've generally found they taste worse. Of course I think all these drinks taste different in various parts of the world, I remember having something like Sprite in the US which was horrible compared to the NZ version.

BTW, when I do drink soft drinks I will generally drink ( in no particular order ) lemonade, Fanta, Sparkling Duet, Mountain Dew, Creaming Soda, L&P ( NZ drink ), lemon lime and bitters or root beer/sarsaparilla. Golden Circle Creaming Soda and Bundaberg sarsaparilla are two of my particular favourites.

Mostly I drink Twinings Earl Grey tea, hundreds per day :-).

I should get back to work ;-).





my vote, my vote, my vote!!!

Chinese Restaurant Tea!
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Fanta is good, I wish they sold it here in the US
The world is round... so you have to use spherical projection.


If I did drink cola (which is once in a blue moon) I would drink Coca-Cola from my local kebab shop (Yummies, Gosport UK!) Their Coke is from Georgia or Khazakstan or somewhere like that and tastes stronger than the locally sourced stuff (Maybe they are putting the correct amount of concentrate in coz they aren't greedy profit hungry scroungers like lots of UK businesses. Rip Off Britain we call it. Things cost the same in UK Pounds here as they do in US Dollars Stateside. YaddaYadda. I feel a little better for that rant.


Coca Cola of course :P. Mmmmmm

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I'm also a juice drinker (Lychee & grapes, or nearly any juice from Looza (yummy!)

But If I have to choose between Pepsi or Coca Cola I would take Pepsi because of its bitter-sweet taste.