Strata and distribution terrain

Started by glen5700, January 07, 2007, 06:13:56 pm

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 Hi all,
I want to start a new post on this and not hijack someone else's.  Here is were it started -

I spent a good deal of time with this and basically got nowhere with it. The no compute normal.jpg shows the terrain with the Strata and Outcrops shader applied through the Distribution shader with out the compute normal hooked up.

Next is the compute normal.jpg and we can see the Strata is working and were it should be but the rest of the terrain is messed up.

Now if you look at the what i'm looking for.jpg you will see a quick down and dirty Photoshop representation of what I'm trying to achieve.

And finally is the screen shot, on the upper left shows when the distribution node is selected, looks good here but right below it is what you get when the compute terrian is selected, nasty looking.

I guess my question is simple, is there a why to have compute normal be masked by the distribution shader or some other shader? It would be great if I could get compute normal to work on slops that I mask it to.

Ive tried dozens of different ways including masking and merging, the compute normal has been hooked up to every node in the terrain screenshot.

So if you feel adventurous give it a try,

Thanks for reading this,

Render times -
no compute normal.jpg - 2 min.
compute normal.jpg - 26 min