Altitude Error?

Started by Njen, January 07, 2007, 07:29:03 PM

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That's it! Ahhh thank you very much. I never thought to use a Distribution Shader because they have the same constraints as in the Surface Shader.

Is this intended, Oshyan? Are the constraints in the Surface Shader supposed to work differently from the constraints in the Distribution Shader? No matter now that I know how to fix it, but it might confuse others who think they do the same thing.


Good work diagnosing this stuff together guys. I do believe there are some unintended inconsistencies between the Surface Layer constraints and Distribution Shader constraints. It also seems like some of the other issues and behavior described here are probably due to underlying bugs. I'll have Matt take a look at this stuff and make sure it's behaving as intended.

- Oshyan