Dissapearing Terrain in TP4

Started by dwilson, July 05, 2008, 11:27:03 am

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I have a file from TP2 that when I load it into TP4 the terrain doesn't show up in the preview/render.  I rebuilt the scene using the same settings in TP4 and the terrain still didn't appear.  I think that negative displacement is causing it.  In Power fractals any negative displacement amplitude causes the terrain to dissapear.  I am also having the same problem when I make a group of layers child layers to a surface layer.


I believe this may be an example of an issue we're aware of. Is your terrain a heightfield or procedural?

- Oshyan


It is a Procedural terrain.  I figured out the part of making the layers child layers.  I connected one of the outputs to the wrong node in the node network.  I also figured out a workaround for the negative displacement until the issue gets fixed.  I take the power fractal and make it the color function and displacement function of a surface layer and then I can use negative displacement in the surface layer.