how do i whipe my hard drive clean?

Started by lightning, May 10, 2008, 09:06:22 pm

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hey guys i was just wondering how do i whipe my computers hard drive so its just blank with no operating system?
do i need a program to do this or can i do it through the cmd or something?


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I can tell you how to do it with a Windows XP CD.  Put the CD in your CD player, boot, and, when asked to boot from the CD, do it.  After it does its thing, you'll get an option to format your disk.  Then, format it.  The only problem is that then you'll have it formatted for Windows XP.

So I guess this isn't what you want.  Not sure what you have in mind, but to "wipe your disk" you'll need to do it by formatting it.  A format relies on the OS for a format.
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i want to whip or format my hard disk because i formated it wrong first time my hard drive is 320 gb but at the mo it only 120gb
i run on windows xp professional sp2


In that case, you don't need to reformat it - you can use a tool like partition manager to increase your 120GB partition to use the the whole disk.
I think GParted might work too, but I'm not sure.



you can zero it but that take forever.
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yes it worked user partition manager 9 and got an extra 170 gigs on my computer!!! i got 1050 gigs now


Quotei got 1050 gigs now

and still kept your files.   ;D