Surface map not visible in 3D preview

Started by aakash777, May 11, 2008, 10:14:30 PM

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Ok.. I have search a LOT and I can't believe that I can't find anything about a problem as little as this.
Basically, I generate a terrain and then I see the pic preview and then the 3d preview to find that pic preview is basically like a screenshot of a location in 3d preview.
However, now if I apply a surface map on the terrain, the pic preview can be updated to look new but the 3D preview still shows the same old texture.
Why's that?


The 3D preview is not designed to show the surface maps you have created. It uses a generic, slope-based terrain coloring to help show you the slope and shape of the terrain. The way that the TG 0.9 and the 3D preview works it would actually be extremely computationally intensive to try to represent the surface maps in that view. It's just a limitation of TG 0.9 and it's not something that will change as development on TG 0.9 has ceased. TG2 has a more accurate, though somewhat slower, 3D preview, which does include surface mapping and much more.

- Oshyan