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Started by Muied Lumens, May 14, 2008, 06:02:58 pm

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Muied Lumens

Much better than Celestia or Google sky, Microsoft's Worldwide Telescope gives excellent images of everything worth looking at (so far) out there!

Or if you want to skip the intro:

Sorry, no Mac version...

...and sorry about the spam.  :P


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Ok, if I made a website praising the user interface, I'd make sure it'd live up to the expectations. The gui isn't as good as google sky imo - the controls are pretty bad, the "smooth panning" is far too smooth.. disabling it isn't fun either. The gui also take up a large portion of the screen. It's still ok on a 5:4 screen but I can't imagine it to be fun if you have a 16:9 tft.

Other than that it's pretty cool. You get to see infrared, ultraviolet and other imagery that you don't have in google sky. The position of the objects is displayed in real-time (relative to your location).

It's useful. I don't know what made them think their gui was that good though.

Muied Lumens

Hm - I agree. I am also getting some bad outlines of planets at times. I do like the infrared and microwave background imaging etc.

I ignored the PR rhetoric of their site as it contains a couple of errors.

David Burnett

Quote from: Muied Lumens on May 14, 2008, 06:02:58 pm

Sorry, no Mac version...

So by definition its far worse than Google Sky and Celestia both of which also run on Mac and Linux.