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Neo-Expressionism in high conceptual form is how I'd call many of the works presented here, they call to a part of the soul that is seldom invigorated without having to say that any of them would go as far as been what one might call post-metaphoric in nature; indeed to go that far would broader on pre-structuralism and that is not what is presented here.

The images presented call on the logical and poetic parts of the self, and thus though the idea of self knowledge one comes closer to understanding the soul of the universe that what seems chaotic is in fact ordered and structured in such a elegant way that we cannot see or understand the whole, what we know (That is the sum of human knowledge) is in fragmented parts there is little if any way of seeing the whole.

The structure of repetition is also here, this man has learned form nature that the somnolence of great beauty of form comes form smaller repeated versions of the whole without which that which is admired is diminished in some way; this lesion can be applied to life in so far to say that what seems insignificant and trivial today if ignored can be vital latter (As history has shown many times extremely dangerous) (The inability of the International Community to closely monitor the re-militarization of Germany in the Mid to Late Twenties and Prevent and see the dangers for the German National Socialist Party lead to the dreadful abomination's of the Second World War, by way of example). 


Nice site, will explore more.  ;D

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Thanks inky.  This looks interesting and fun.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?