Interested in Terragen on Linux ?

Started by Tim O'Donoghue, January 09, 2007, 04:10:33 PM

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Tim O'Donoghue

For anyone interested in Terragen on Linux - this might be welcome news.

I received this today via a group I am in since I used a previous version of this app.

QuoteHi Folks,

I am very happy to announce that we have shipped final versions of
CrossOver Mac 6.0 and CrossOver Linux 6.0.

Users of Intel based Mac systems can now seamlessly run many
Windows applications on their Mac without needing a Windows license.
Supported applications include Outlook, Visio, Project, Quicken, Steam based games
such as Half Life 2, and many more.

For Linux users, we have added support for Outlook 2003, World of Warcraft,
a range of Steam based games such as Half-Life 2, and a number of other
applications.  Additionally, CrossOver 6 represents another major step
forward in the evolution of Wine, so most users will find substantial
improvements in the overall compatibility and behavior of CrossOver
as compared to version 5.

With the addition of games to our lineup, we felt that 'CrossOver Office'
was no longer an appropriate name, so we have also rebranded the Linux product
as 'CrossOver Linux'.

If you are an existing CrossOver customer with an active support entitlement,
you should be able to visit our web site to download this latest version:
You will need to log in with the email and username that you used when
purchasing CrossOver.

Once logged in, you should be able to go to 'My Downloads'
to download this release, presuming you are a customer on active support
(you can review your purchase history on your account tab as well).
If you have questions or need some help, please feel free to
drop an email to sales at, where we'll do our best to
help you.

We recommend that anyone who is interested in CrossOver first
download a trial version and make sure that it works well for you;
trials are available front and center on our main web page,

We are looking forward to 2007, as we plan to release
a range of improvements to CrossOver, particularly as we get
our Mac 'sea legs' underneath ourselves.  This will include refinements
to many of our supported applications, and will also hopefully
included expanded support for many other applications, notably games.

We appreciate the support of everyone that has helped us throughout
the beta process.  We are grateful that we have the opportunity to contribute
so much to the Wine project; it is only your support that allows us to do so.


Jeremy White
CodeWeavers, Inc.

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I have not tried this version, but previous versions were very well done and well-supported.

Tim O


I notice that there are still a lot of programs that require XP or above that do not work. I think for most programs that run on windows 98/2000 and early versions of NT there is good support, but not so much for programs that require XP/XPSP2 or NT SP4. I cant rememeber what OS terragen requires, but I think it runs on 2000, so should be ok (havent tested).



I tried TG2 on Crossover 6.0 Beta 2, but it acted just like under wine 9.17 (i.e., basically unusable). wine 9.28 (the latest version... well, until yesterday--but I haven't updated yet) is significantly better. Perhaps the final version of 6.0 is better, though.