Missing Faces/Textures in Model

Started by Blonderator, June 03, 2008, 12:22:24 AM

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First off, I've searched for a long time for this and have found nothing like the problem I'm experiencing.

I've imported a .obj model like I have many times before, but for some reason some of the faces are missing - there are holes in my model. In Sketchup the model looks perfect but something is happening between the exporting, importing, and rendering of the model.

Is this a problem with Terragen or just with my model? It looks as if I'm missing a texture from all those faces, but I've checked the shader/textures and everything looks good.
I've attached some images of the problem. As you can see, the parts where you can see the planet through the ship are the problem areas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin F

Could be a similar problem to one I had with either double sided normals/flip normals/use smooth normals. see:http://forums.planetside.co.uk/index.php?topic=3970.0

this worked for me with objs, that rendered fine in TP2 but not in TP3. which version are you having the problem with?



Have you tried using PoseRay to normalize your object model as well as re-apply the textures, prior to importing into TG2?  I've found this almost always works, but make sure you uncheck the metallic checkbox under the materials before updating the texture.
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How do you normalize using PoseRay? I can't find the option.

*EDIT* Another question. I'm using Google Sketchup to make the model, then exporting it to .obj, and then importing it into PoseRay. For some reason, the colors don't show correctly in PoseRay - Some are missing, others are the wrong color. Why is this?


It could be some of your faces on your model aren't facing the same way.  Is there a way in Google Sketchup to get all of your faces to face the same direction?  Start there. 

To normalize in PoseRay, you go to the Groups tab.  Then checkmark Calculate Normals.  Then Update.

In the Materials tab, you can find the texture by Browsing per each segment of your model. 

Once you get this far, Export as an object...I suggest renaming this export to be different than your original to keep your pipeline clean.
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My process for making obj's suitable for import in TG2 using Poseray is roughly as follow:

1) import obj

2) go to material tab --> assign correct textures to each material (not entirely necessary, though useful) --> tick 'weld UV's' in the 3rd tab under material tab

*click on update button top left in the screen*

3) go to group tab --> 'drop Y to zero' and 'center geometry' (don't think that's necessary either for a spaceship but it is important to make trees/plants work)
Then check 'calculate normals', click 'smooth normals', check the option with 'tolerance' setting (can't remember the settings' name, sorry).

*click on update button top left in the screen*

4) export as obj with mtl.

5) import in TG2 and assign textures

6) test-render to check and when it's finished save it as a .tgo

The majority of this I've learned from Bobbystahr, he knows quite some about making models suitable for TG2. You might consider PM'ing him.
Hope this will help.



Thanks for the help.

I don't need to normalize - if I just import the object into PoseRay and then export it, the model displays correctly in Terragen.

The problem is that when I import the object from Sketchup into PoseRay, the colors are lost. I've attached an image showing this.  As you can see, some of the circles are the wrong colors, and theres some stuff at the front that's wrong. I've got no textures yet, those will have to wait, but I do want to color the ship for now.


...so, is there still a problem, if you can export from PoseRay into TG2 just fine.

I'm wondering what might be happening in Google Sketchup, if you're still having problems.  PoseRay should show any of your materials just fine, if they're present.
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I'm unclear on whether the TG2 aspect of this issue has been resolved. But the OBJ "standard" is fairly loose, so you will often find incompatibilities - sometimes major, often minor - between different applications working with OBJ files. If Poseray is also showing your colors incorrectly, then it is probably an issue with Sketchup's OBJ export as Poseray's OBJ support has proven to be pretty accurate and robust so far. Does Sketchup provide any options in its OBJ export?

- Oshyan


If the faces are not triangulated they may not render.
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