Request for Information: Uses of Terragen

Started by Matt, July 04, 2008, 10:49:27 am

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Hi all,

Terragen has been used in many outstanding works over the past 10 years, in film, television, games, public art projects, visualisations, education, theme parks, and much more. We are attempting to document as much of this use as we can.

If you have worked on a project that used Terragen, or have any information regarding projects that used Terragen, we would like to hear from you. Following are some of the kinds of uses we are interested in hearing about:

Motion pictures/films
Music videos
Educational titles/exhibits/classes
Theme park rides
Any other shows/exhibits

This list is not exhaustive!

Any information you can send us is welcome. In particular we'd like to know:

The name of the project/title/product
The companies or individuals responsible for the project
The names of any artists or Terragen users involved (if known)
As much or as little information you can provide about the work and how Terragen was used in it

Even if you only have a project name but can't remember anything else about the project, we'd still like to hear about it. Please email any information you have to


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