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Started by EoinArmstrong, December 21, 2006, 06:07:59 AM

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And thanks for the tip there too, tangled :)


Quote from: efflux on December 22, 2006, 04:20:26 AM
How can you see the internal network of the fake stones shader? I see nothing.

Look at the screenshot posted here. Right next to the shader name is a funny little simple that lead to the internal networ. all shaders have that. Some shaders though, don't have any ports in the internal network to connect something to. fake stones tough have a surface port in the regular node, you can directly connect stuff to it.


so it's correct I won't see  an internal network when clicking on that funny little button you mentioned in my fake stones shader?


Right clicking on the node also brings up the option to see the internal network.
I love the fake stones shader!! I think I'm going to devote a large amount of time towards displacements. I've always been curious if it were possible, with the right combination of displacements, to make a rock look almost similar to a snowflake...although granted, it's probably easier just to make a plane object population with a snowflake image map.


I see no nodes when I try to access internal network. I've made my way around learning how TG2 works pretty quickly because I use Mojoworld which is a good program to come from for understanding TG2 nodes. I've had some problems with crashes and I am still trying to get to the core of TG e.g. nodes that allow me to build at a low level. Function nodes. So although my credit card is at the ready I still haven't purchased TG Deep. Are there any limitations to accessing node functions in the free version?


There are no limitations on the node functionality in the current free Technology Preview.

Note also that many more node types are yet to be added. Currently there are many customized nodes for specific functions (Surface Layer, etc.), there are some more standardized and multi-purpose nodes (Power Fractal, etc.), and then there are many math-type operators in the Function Nodes. Additional generalized nodes such as "distance from object" will be implemented in the future.

- Oshyan


Could somebody please upload an idiot proof screen grab of where the 'number of faces' entry field is?


note that the number of faces option is for a Rock object, not for any part of the Fake Stones Shader:


This might help.  Its an older .tgd file, but I'm pretty sure it will work on the TGPreview.
This is a render of that file:
This is an image of this type of "fake rock" in a landscape:
The last image was created using an older alpha version of TG2.