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Started by rcallicotte, July 18, 2008, 10:10:54 AM

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For your water files that will help push us toward better water renders...here's my start.  Some of this clip file might need to be changed to work with the present water transparency.
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These are good initiatives Calico.

You might consider posting a screenshot along to show what the clip has to offer.


POV Ripples

This is a clip file which produces a pattern of ripples similar to those created by POV-Ray's ripples normal pattern.  The clip is based on the ripple functions I used here: http://forums.planetside.co.uk/index.php?topic=4524.0

For convenience the clip includes a water shader with the waves zeroed and the displacement shader that makes the ripples. 

There is a Constant Scalar to the right of the Ripples Group which can be changed to change the size of the ripples.  This also affects the height of the ripples to keep them proportional.  The height can be changed independently with the Displacement Multiplier in the displacement shader.

The ripple pattern is built by averaging the sine of the distance from eight arbitrary points. The pattern of ripples can be changed by moving these points, which are defined by eight Constant Vectors in the Ripples Group.

The sample image shows the clip applied to a 1 metre radius lake placed 10 metres above the default terrain.
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Thanks, Mr. L.  This is interesting work...very functional.   :P

Seriously, the only way I've found to understand functions is either through someone's generosity like this or especially when we have threads devoted to one thing or another using functions.  Thanks!!
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Great idea these libraries calico...kudos for getting it started and thanx both for these waters which I shall explore later.. ...
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Here is the link to my TG water-caustics files, I can't see the option to move the topic to here manually so I'll just link to it here and attatch the resulting images from each file as examples.
You can see the discussion and download the .tgc/.tgd from this link...


On sand: - .tgc available
On Rocks: .tgd available

Thanks. :)


The joke of Mr_Lamppost make me think that I could share "mes ronds dans l'eau".

Here is a clip file containing the displacement function and the water shader I used in my post


I'll be happy to see it in a picture more realistic than mines.




Why do you use a dot operation followed by a square root, one 'length to scalar' does exactly the same.
Or you could use implicit conversions by connecting the three outlets from the 'Distance to center' directly to the 'Subtract from center'
Nice by the way 8)


One way or another, this is still cool.  I love it.  RIPPLES and WAVES!!!
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Updated 10/9/2008

I think I'm happy enough with this to take it out of beta and put it here for others to use.  This clip demostrates a method for creating lakes and rivers on TER files for real world data.  You need a TER file and an image map to define where the water is supposed to be. I'll post a demo image when the latest test of this finishes rendering. More notes in the development post <http://forums.planetside.co.uk/index.php?topic=4746.0>

Should have checked the clip file I saved. Downloaded it for a test at work and realised half of the nodes were missing. Fixed now


Wow, Ben.  Thanks.

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Instant Atlantic ocean.

Derived from the ocean surface used in this render:


The clip file will insert a new "Atlantic" group into your scene which contains the default lake object and all the displacements and shaders.

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COOL!  This is awesome, Mr. Lamppost.  Thank you.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?

Henry Blewer

Just when I think I'm making progress, here comes a wave algorithm using many of the functions I do not understand, yet. :'(
Thank you for sharing this. If I look at enough of these, it will start to make sense to me. I hope.
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I forgot about the water library. :D

Here's my water masking files that eliminate subterranean rendering of water objects. This can save you hours on a render where you need a very large water object, like a long river, but you don't need water everywhere in the scene(like under mountains for instance).


Thanks for looking/reading/downloading/etc'ing/etc.