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Started by rcallicotte, July 18, 2008, 10:10:54 AM

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Just added this to the scene I was working on from the other thread. Going to test render now and see what I have to do to get the sediment the way I want. Thanks again.
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Hey, guys! Help me please... I'm trying to make animation water. but not understand, how make it move. What shader necessary use?
I'm use Terragen 4.


This is not really the best place to ask. Here is better: http://www.planetside.co.uk/forums/index.php/board,1.0.html

But the principle is that you can add a transform shader between some power fractal for the waves and the water surface. Changing the Y (and if necessary X and Z) values along the frames will get the fractal displacement to move. Another possibility is using the 4D noise in the animation tab. One requisit being that you have the animation version of TG.
But I primarily suggest using the search function and read all posts and threads about water and animated water. Lots of clues and info there.

Good luck.


You can also just animate the default shapes (displacement) of a Water Shader using the same Transform Input Shader method. Put the Transform shader after the Water Shader (water shader feeds into the Transform Input's input port), then enable Translate in the Transform Input Shader and animate the x, y, z values to change over time. Y animation (middle value) will make the noise seem to "evolve" (change) over time, while x and z animation will make the waves simply appear to move or "slide" across the surface.

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Droplets and rings can be made procedural with this method. I don't say it's perfect, but you won't need an array.


Quote from: Dune on August 23, 2013, 11:14:50 AM
The idea about the upside down plane was to get waves seen from below. I don't know if that still works... but it did (this is an oldie).

this is still inspiring and I must try it in TG4
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Quote from: Dune on January 25, 2017, 12:35:14 PMDroplets and rings can be made procedural with this method. I don't say it's perfect, but you won't need an array.
It's funny I was just thinking of doing this in a similar way, forgot about it, than came here for the advise Oshyan dropped on animation, and saw yours. Well done, in my opinion. I think it's just missing an outward lean, and center lift in some of them, and inward dimple in others for the drop impacts. 

Thanks for sharing.


Ah, that's an oldy. I don't know if I ever took it further, but center lift/dimple won't be too hard I guess, and (from my head) outward lean should be possible too.