Any tricks to render things layered?

Started by KirillK, January 12, 2007, 10:44:36 am

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Is it possible someway to make alpha masks or something to have things layered after rendering? I guess it should be possible to make a separate render of objects with a colored plane as a background. But I would like to layer the shadows or just have an opportunity to make a mask of them. Any thoughts would be highly apreciated. Actually it would be great to have an opportunity to render the fully layered multi-pass render (GI, shadows,diffuse, specular etc)


Yes, it would be nice to have multi-pass rendering in TG2 and one would suspect that this would be included in TG2 Deep and TG2 Deep + Animation which will be the two high end Applications of the TG2 product line.

Since these to products are the most likely to find there way into production pipelines while TG2 Standard and Creative editions are more likely to be found on peoples desk tops in future, since once the Pre-Sale period that we are in now comes to an end and the true commercial pricing for the TG2 product line kicks in the Deep and Deep + Animation will be more expensive then they are now and they maybe out of the price range of some in the community.

If we do indeed get multi pass rendering then a few things need to be added:

A memory use buffer (As in 0.9.43) in MB's to prevent memory usage from going over a certain size currently we do not have this.

The return of Fast Sub-Pixel Smoothing

The Multi -Pass rendering must consider every thing as a pass that is feasible:


Ambient Occlusion


And Sub-Surface scattering among others.

Regards to you.



Multi-pass rendering is a planned feature for the final release.

Fast Sub-pixel smoothing is irrelevant in the TG2 rendering system as far as I understand and I don't really understand why you'd want it - it was used by those without a registered TG 0.9 out of necessity, seldom, if ever, by choice.

- Oshyan