Strange render crash

Started by Sveind, July 18, 2008, 01:38:05 pm

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Well before anything I know there are a couple of threads like this out there but well the problem here is that I've render images before without a problem using TG2 (free version) I've render at least 4 images before and didn't experience any problem at all, but now when I try to render something doesn't matter what it crashes almost at the end, I have reinstalled it twice already so don't know what the problem is.
On the quick preview render everything is fine but when I go to the normal render it crashes however it crashes always almost at the end when the render is like between 90% and 95%
Yesterday I left my computer rendering for 20 hours and it had to crash at 98% and I couldn't save anything of the work =(
Can anyone help me?

I'm running Windows XP Home Edition
AMD +3800 2.02Ghz Dual Core
2Gb Ram
7900 GTX
150GB left of hard drive

Thanks in advance


Was this with the free Tech Preview 2, as with your previous renders? We will release an update to the free version soon, and a lot of changes have been made which may help.

Could it be that you're adding more to the scene than you did in your earlier renders? Another possible factor is using Tech Preview for a while and then starting a render without closing and restarting TG first. (You shouldn't have to restart it before a render, but often it does help). If the scene is particularly problematic, sometimes restarting the computer before rendering can help too, to avoid memory fragmentation by Terragen or by other programs.

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