Keyframed camera rotation is generating render errors

Started by choxie, August 01, 2008, 02:53:17 pm

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I have animated the camera rotation to generate 6 sky box plates.    However when specifically the camera rotation is key framed, multiple render errors are generated:  1) it seams like the scene is rendering itself multiple times - the sun for example will repeat multiple times across the image and the render buckets contain several overlaping shapes, 2) the final image is full of the overlapping shape artifacts, 3) the renderings take much longer as well.  The single last frame of the animation always renders fine.  IE: If you key frame just the first two frames the third will render normal.

I am developing multiple skies for HDRI lat/longs and animating the camera is the quickest way to generate 6 plates.  This problem is very reproducible,  animate the camera rotation for 6 frames for a sky box image.  The first 5 frames will have render artifacts.

I am using Preview 5 Deep ( on XP 64.   There seem to be no other animation based errors i have encountered, any ideas?




That seems pretty odd.  I just threw together a quick camera script for the default scene that seems to work fine.  Basically the important parameters look like this:

<param name = "rotation"
         vf1 = "0 0 0"
         vf2 = "0 90 0"
         vf3 = "0 180 0"
         vf4 = "0 270 0"
         vf5 = "90 0 0"
         vf6 = "-90 0 0"

I'll attach the .tgd so you can see if you can spot where you went wrong.


Thanks so much for uploading that file, thought i was losing my mind.   Turns out that motion blur length was defaulting to on, causing the render error, turned in off and now it renders fine. 

Thanks again



We do have motion blur turned on by default as it makes most animation more realistic. It's only when you need to animate discreet frames like this that it causes a problem. In the future I think the best solution would just be to include panorama scripts in the releases. We'll also include this info in the animation documentation, of course.

- Oshyan