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Started by Will, January 13, 2007, 06:11:24 PM

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Not yet... Matt says earlier he plans to implement it later this year (deep joy!).


Sorry for the confusion, Terje. I thought you were asking me that because the last thing I said was that I was planning to implement GI baking. No, it's not ready yet.

To avoid seams in your crops, if the GI sample quality is high enough then all you need to do is give some overlap to your crops. You might need to experiment to find what works though.
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My mistake. Thanks for the answer :)

- Terje

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I usually set GI on 1/3 when doing final renders (at 3600x2400 px). However, it would be nice to use higher GI relative detail in new Terragen version because it's no longer needed for most renders to have general quality higher than 0.5 (I used before ray-tracable objects ~0.75). But with lower general quality setting GI relative quality suffers, so it would be nice to increase it to 2 or for perfect results - even 3. It is, unfortunately, impossible now as Terragen quickly exceeds the memory boundaries of 32 bits. And I'm not rendering scenes which use really great amount of object variations. I usually stick with 3 - 5 objects (vegetations) for scene.

So, perhaps it would be possible to have some additional GI pass for objects which would put more samples on them. Or maybe adaptive GI? It would mean better GI coverage on dense-vegetation scenes rendered in hi-res (ex. 3600x2400) before TG x64. If it would use less memory than now of course...


You're likely to see TG2 x64 before any such alternative GI sampling schemes could be implemented. By which I mean x64 is already in development, whereas alternative GI sampling has not really been tackled yet to my knowledge. x64 will help with so many more things anyway that it's certainly worth doing first.

- Oshyan


That's great if you ask me :)