Hi Resolution Settings Are A Big Pain

Started by paulselhi, December 21, 2006, 08:07:13 AM

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It seems that TG2 really only likes to work at a min monitor setting of 1024 x 768, i know all the so called experts work in nothing less but wow this really gives me eye strain especially if i switch to a web page to follow tutorials

Cinema 4D, MAX, Lightwave, Realflow, ZBrush are all happy at 800 x 600 is ist possible to allow this in future revisions of TG2 ?

Even now writing this post at the moderate res of 1024 x 768 on a 17" monitor i am getting a head ache !!!


If you are getting a headache, you might want to check your monitor refresh - Make sure it's over 60 (I normally set 75Hz minimum) otherwise it can cause problems


Well..no it's not the referesh, i have that set up OK. it is just the squnting to read posts or other things. I just prefer to work at 800 x 600


oh well, was worth a shot - I feel really ill if I look at a screen running 60Hz


Control + scroll wheel increases/decreases the text size in most browsers



I know this won't help in the short term, but if you have to squint to read normal text on a 17 inch monitor running 1024x768, you need to make an optomitrist appointment as soon as possible.  Either you aren't currently using corrective lenses, or your prescription needs to be updated, but either way you are risking your eye sight by not getting it taken care of.  A person with 20/20 vision should have no problems viewing a 17 inch monitor running at 1280x1024, let alone 1024x768.


It is not that i can't see it it is just that the text is so small. But saying that i have an old monitor and high res looks not to bad on mys sons TFT


TG2 is designed for 1024x768 and above. Very few people with any less in any graphics application these days and it is not something we can devote significant resources to supporting at this time. The minimum requirements may change for the final release however.

Keep in mind that in terms of the node network you can zoom in to get a better view by using similar controls to those that adjust the camera - Alt+mouse buttons. See Help->Mouse and Key Settings for a reference.

- Oshyan


Also, most operating systems allow you to increase the default text size or even the resolution of the gui. So you can have the advantages of large fonts etc. and large resolution.
If you own a tft display, make sure you use clear type or some other font anti-aliasing.

When I first used my tft I really got some bad headache just by looking at it.  ;D And I'm not a person who has headache each week.. or year.