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Started by lightning, September 01, 2008, 03:32:22 am

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September 01, 2008, 03:32:22 am Last Edit: September 01, 2008, 03:42:05 am by lightning
i have decided to set up a sticky thread containing all my most popular plants i have posted so people can easily locate and download the files without having to browse through all the files ;)
so can one of the admins make this stick please


Grass pack v1
Hello again ;D
i have noticed that you guys are despiratly short of some decent grasses for terragen 2 :)

so in the last week i have made a load of grasses for you ;D
pack includes
3 large grass mats
2  long grass models
5 lush grass models

now your probably thinking this burk wrote in the title 20 models!
well i have invented these double sided models where there are two different grasses in one model.
so if you want to change to the second model just flip it over (its kind of hard to explain)
well for example in the image PIC 6 in the attachments there is actually only 2 models the 3rd and 4th models in the background are exactly the same as the 2 models in the foreground  just fliped 180 degrees :)

anyway enjoy them, hope to see what you do with them ;D

as usual please read my user licence in the plant info pdf

thanx jack ;D

please drop a comment if you download this ;)


Hey guys ;)
here is my highland grass pack i said i was making a while back
the grass comes with custom made textures
the model pack contains two double sided grass models


without installer and autorun (just packed)

this pack is a little different from my other packs
i am testing out my new autorun installation system i am planning to use when floraworks finally starts selling. so when you extract the archive just click the auto run program.
remember to read the pdf before you use the model ;)
This grass integrates nicely with my other released grasses as well as klases and zstars ;)
SPECIAL thanks goes Zstar for his excellent grass texturing technique
you can see here
thanks dude!!!

enjoy the models everyone and hope to see what you do with them ;D!!


hello again!
here is my second pack of bushes for you all
i personally don't really like the textures on this bush pack but as i said in the pdf you can easily change them to suite your own taste

download it now from my file store!
and please say thanks if you download ;)

bush pack V2

pdf file

hope to see what you do with them happy rendering everyone!!!!


hey guys ;D
hope you liked my last post :)
here is a common ash tree i made comes with bark and realistic bump maps
as well as real leaf maps.
all textures were made by me (since i have a common ash next to my bedroom!!!)
there is only one tree in this release if you like it i will upload some more variations of it if you like :)

anyway remember to read the user licence before use
enjoy and please say thanks if you download ;)

Ashundar link;dl=item369

hope to see what you do with it
Jack ;D


Hey guys
here is my pack of 3 HQ silver birch trees i said i would upload
they are SUPER realistic and come with an excellent bark texture.
this pack is very big 90mb to be precise! so sorry for those people who are on dial up

please read the silver birch pdf before you use the model
and please if you have manors say thanks if you download ;)

Silver Birch model pack download

Pdf preview download

a BIG thanks goes to monks for his excellent bark texture thank him as well as this set of trees would not be half as good if they where with the old texture ;)

and can someone upload this over on ashundar i have little bandwidth left

oh and you can easily edit the pre release tree withe new textures so you realy have 4 different looking silver birch trees!!!

Have fun with these trees and hope to see what you do with them ;D happy rendering everyone!


3 Realistic American Elm trees with bump maps terragen ready.
thanks for the great response on my last upload 
please remember to read the user license in the PDF before using this model 
and last of all enjoy it!

Thanks jack

p.s the vue version and ashundar link will be uploaded tomorrow my time (gmt+13)
oh and is compressed in Winrar
if you dont have winrar you can get it from my file store here


heres my olive tree i made i really like how it came out it looks brilliant in terragen 2 

terragen version
ashundar link;dl=item355

the trees come with high quality bump maps and a reference guide.
please remember read the user licence before using this model 

also i have noticed a lot of my uploads have only a few comments but have massive view numbers
so please drop a comment if you download its what i call manners


here is a pack of two Eucalyptus tree's i made in dpit.
the trees are terragen 2 ready and comes with bumps maps.
also a new edition to my model pack is a plant information pdf which gives a brief description about the plant species and where it should be used in terragen 2 (this will be improved in my next plant releases)
The pdf also contains my user license, please read it before using these models
thanx jack ;D

and here is the ashundar link;dl=item353



here is a pack of three alien plants i made.
i called it tortured hand due to its grotesque shape.
is terragen ready and comes with bump maps


heres 4 species of palm trees for terragen 2

Note: all the trees look much better in terragen 2 from now on i think i will render my samples in terragen not vue

any way enjoy ;D;dl=item337