Windblown grasses

Started by Dune, August 19, 2020, 08:21:48 AM

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Quote from: Dune on August 21, 2020, 09:46:37 AMThere was nothing because the opacity mask missed. But it's uploaded above now. Just rename into .tif and add to grasses folder.
Got it ! Works great thanks!


Thank you Ulco!
Please allow me to add some realistic average grass colours here...

Average Gras and Plant Colours.jpg



@Stormlord: Thinking of my front yard in summer, there should be additional colors of yellow (grass is distressed), brown (grass is dying) and white (grass gave up and died) 


Thanks Dirk.
Grass colors are pretty variable, but I always have trouble finding the right values, so these'll come in handy.



Yes Ulco, that's why I created the colour table.
But I've found 2 more, just put them in your grass folder, so you have the right RGB values at your fingertips.

I have one folder only for colour tabels on my computer.
Often I have used satelite imagery to find the average colours also for sand, rock, water, lakes during a research process to create some stuff.

Sometimes its very tricky to find the correct values, but own photos helps a lot.
The chart which I postet first is the best color chart which you can use, when you will have true life in your grass renderings.

The other 2 tables posted here have been created based upon own reference images which I shot in spring/summer 2019 directly in front of my house.
I processed the shots at the same time after the shooting to make sure to have the same lightning while looking at the scenery directly from my computer.
So I could look closely from my screen and compare it directly with what I saw, when I watched out of my window. The best real life comparison you can have!
So believe me, these colours in these photos are the real true life colours. It's as closely as it can get, so they're excellent as references!

Greens in front of my house 1 (Coypright by Dirk Kipper).jpg
View right side from my terrace

Greens in front of my house 2 (Coypright by Dirk Kipper).jpg
View left side

Greens in front of my house 3 (Coypright by Dirk Kipper).jpg
And the greens in detail / Allow me to remark the slight differences and the fine nuances of the green colours

I shot them directly in front of my house through my window and tried to process them on my computer at the same time.
So I had the advantage to see them on my computer and process them at the same time I could look directly at the green in front of me.
So I had the chance to find the true life colors, which makes this colour chart so valuable.

Greens in front of my house with colour chart (Coypright by Dirk Kipper).jpg
Here comes the chart within the picture...

You see 5 rows of 3 different green colours.
The row in the middle are the average gras colours which can be found in the picture.
Colours rows above are a little bit exaggerated and below they are a little underestimated.

But you see at a glance the true life colours here...

Save it and you're blessed!



Very good work! Thanks a lot. Nice place you live, btw.


Many thanks Ulco...a goldmine of grasses...I guess I'll be busy for a while now heh heh....
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Great share, thankyou very much.

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