BMP files render white

Started by SteveScout, September 17, 2008, 03:46:01 AM

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I have an serious issue - all my rendered BMP file sequences turn out just plain white, but when doing a quick render or similar (like in the viewport) I can see the scene in all its glory. Rendering whole nights without any results .. quite sucks. ;)

Anybody has a solution to this? The TGD file is attached ..

I am using TG2 Tech Prev5, build Deep Animation.



You will probably need to attach an example bmp (perhaps zipped for space saving?) to properly diagnose the problem.

- Oshyan


uh-oh -- seems like it´s my fault .. the file was named without .alpha, but it IS the alpha channel, the diffuse pass was rendered on C:\ ...  if I click on the disk icon next to the output image path in TG2, I do not get a saving dialog to choose the folder - is that a known bug? And is there a way to choose different file formats? I´d like to save the sequence in EXR, but don´t know how to choose ..


Hi Steffen,

Yes there is a bug with showing filenames in the file dialog if they contain %04d, so you will need to take extra care to make sure the filenames are correct.

Image sequences can be saved as .bmp, .exr, .tif (or .tiff), .rgb (or .sgi). Simply give the filename one of those extensions and Terragen will guess which format you want to use. (This is different from saving individual images from the Render View, where the file type dropdown can make changes to your extension.)

Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


AAh, I should´ve known (and tried) it! ;)

Thanks, Matt! Will post some images soon!