Improvement: Clouds as a shader

Started by commorancy, September 30, 2008, 10:09:43 pm

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I'd like to see the clouds atmosphere definition also become a shader.  If water can be a shader, then the clouds should be able to be a shader.  Right now, it appears clouds are dependent on being connected to a planet in order to render.  However, I'd like to attach clouds to an object of an arbitrary shape (as a shader) and still have them render.  Once clouds are a shader, they can then be attached to and constrained by an imported object... or, alternatively, cover the surface of an object at a specific altitude.  The density shader should still be allowed to control the density and randomness of the clouds even when constrained to an arbitrary surface shape.

If anyone's aware of how to do this using what's presently available (i.e., functions), please point me to any tutorials on how to accomplish this.  I'd like to use it on an imported OBJ.