Flickering in lighting during a camera pullback...

Started by hansiMUC, December 21, 2006, 08:30:56 AM

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I attached a file where we made a first pullback test from a heightfield.
There is a heavy flickering in the lighting even so I had raytraced shadows switched on.
I would have understood this effect if shadowmaps had been used but with raytraced shadows and ONLY the camera moving I'm still wondering.

I attached a .mpg file assuming that this format can be read by most of the people here.



Yes, the flickering problem in a known bug.  You can minimize its effects by increasing the anti-aliasing, but so far as I know, that will just decrease the effect, not blot it out altogether.
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Actually Raytrace Shadows should not be involved with this at all. It is set separately in Atmosphere and Clouds quality settings and it controls whether the terrain casts shadows onto/into atmosphere and clouds, respectively. So it should have no effect here and only increases render time unnecessarily. I would recommend disabling it.

I think this particular problem may have to do with Global Illumination and possibly low GI settings. Try turning off GI (set both quality settings to 0,0 or disable the Enviro Light) and see if that fixes it. Please do let us know if so.

- Oshyan


The most effective way to fix this is to increase GI sample quality. This will increase render time, but you may be able to mitigate that effect by reducing GI relative detail at the same time.

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