Do you believe in aliens?

Started by lightning, October 18, 2008, 05:08:38 am

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Do you believe in aliens?

Yes of coarse
9 (50%)
5 (27.8%)
I don't know
4 (22.2%)

Total Members Voted: 17


Well for a start I just realised that the Drake equation is referring to the chances of finding life in our Galaxy, not the universe, so actually you got to multiply the answer by the number of galaxies (something like 125 billion at current estimates). So lots of life then, even intelligent life, but still a long way off :)

As far as the equation goes its not that complex at all, they just always look worse when typed out, have a cup of coffee and work through it. Ah sorry just realised I didn't actually write down the equation so here goes:

The number of intelligent communicating civilizations at any given time are as follows.

N (the number) = R (the rate of star formation) x fp (the proportion of which have planets) x ne (of which are capable of supporting life) x fl (which actually develop intelligent life) x fc (which desire or are capable of communication with us) x L (which last long enough to be able to make contact)

An interesting codicil to the last part of the equation L, is that even within our Galaxy with its modest diameter of 100,000 light years, how far has evidence of our civilization traveled? Maybe 100 light years, 150 at very best so there may very well be civilizations popping in and out of existence all the time its just the likelyhood of them popping into existence next to each other at the same time is pretty low :( sorry wish it were different.


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Richard, thanks for explaining this equation.  It does makes sense. 

I don't think we know the half of it, but it's interesting to see that someone has thought about this to such an intricate degree.
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Just to give you an inkling of how many stars there are in the universe, take a look at this.

I believe there's life out there. Have they been here? I think that chance is very remote, just because of the large numbers (and distances) involved.


With sufficiently advanced technology, the "large distances involved" may become meaningless. But the intelligences that wield such technology would probably have no interest in making themselves known to us.

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Well the notice has been posted for regulation time in the central galaxy office. We just haven't had the time to read it.
The world is round... so you have to use spherical projection.


oh there is no way aliens have visited us thats just a bunch of bull


Of Course, they cross our border at Mexico everyday.  ;)
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If you look at it from a biblical / religious angle, God might be seen as falling in the category 'alien', and so would the angels...

But that would be it.
Currently there would be a dispute between God and the devil about who has the right to tell us what to do, in which Adam and Eve chose not to do it God's way.
If on another planets, other life forms had chosen the other way, the dispute would have been solved, but since there is still such chaos on earth, according to the Bible because Satan is the ruler of this world (behind the politicians backs). Once we have proven we cannot live peaceful lives without following Gods commands, he will fix the world by eliminating the people that chose against him in the Armageddon. After that, we have a Precedent to follow if the dispute arises again.

So if you believe this, you would also believe God has not yet created other sentient life in the galaxy, and God and the angels would be the only 'Aliens'...
One would still have to vote 'Yes' though.


Always an interesting discussion. For a lot of people "alien life" means the stereotypical greys crashing their craft at Roswell. While the UFO phenomena is certainly an intriguing discussion topic as well, it should not be confused with the general question of any life outside our planet. I believe it would be very arrogant to outright dismiss this possibility. In fact, if the universe knows no boundary then the chance is extremely good from a scientific standpoint that there is life somewhere else today. But no, you won't be able to get a photo or a video observing that life in all likelihood. Is there INTELLIGENT life out there that mankind may be able to contact someday or have we already been contacted? Now, that would be something! Personally, I doubt it. I am afraid we'll have to do with Star Trek in our lifetimes :) As for the latter part of that last question, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I have yet to see any, but there certainly are fabulous tales and theories. But then we drift back into the UFO stuff... Reminds me to schedule that implant removal operation, the thing has been pulsating lately again, started when they announced the cast of the new Star Trek movie.