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Started by Aagam, October 29, 2008, 04:47:33 PM

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So I created a lake and made the slider go all the way to the right. If I zoom out to get a full view of the planet, the lake still doesn't fill the whole planet (just fills most of the north pole area). How do I make it so the lake can fill the whole planet? Thanks :)


I don't think this is possible yet. The lake is just like a plane object.
I hope there will be an option like ocean or something later that covers the whole planet :)

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Try adding a sphere object (terragen has one in the objects panel) the same size as your planet with the same centre point. Add a water shader to it and with a little tweaking of the spheres size you should be there. :)

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sjefen: Ya it looked like a plane object, I was wondering if there was a way to get around that though. I sure hope they have a planetary cover option too!

cyphyr: Hm ya that might work, I'll give it a whirl, thanks :)


Just use a duplicate planet with the water shader attached to it (and no atmosphere). Adjust the radius to set the sea level.


Yup got it working, thanks :)