program crash (re producable)

Started by gerryR, December 21, 2006, 08:35:02 AM

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Heres one that crashes my app every time.  Maybe I shouldn't be doing this  :o  but if not I reckon it should give an error message and not a crash.

In Terrain Tab highlight the "heightfield shader 01"
below that rename the 1st item to whatever you want "Heightfield Shader 01" to HS1 for example
then rename the item below that to the same thing "Heightfield generate 01" to HS1
insta crash

note if you rename the bottom one 1st then the top one to the same thing it dowsn't crash.


Nodes *must* have unique names so don't name two nodes the same. You're right that this should just produce an error message though.

- Oshyan


that makes sense all right (guess I was just lookin for trouble  ;) )

thanks for the info


The second line that you are editing is a link to another node. When you edit this you are not renaming the other node, you are telling it to point to a different node. In your example, you're telling the Heightfield Shader HS1 to link to itself. This results in an infinite loop which (in current versions) is not deteced by Terragen and causes a crash.

We will do something to stop this from happening. But remember that it is only the first line, labeled "Name" that is the name of a node. All others are links to other nodes.

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thanks Matt, I'll refrain from naming them the same from now on  8)