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Instead of the multitude of things I no doubt could be posting in seperate threads here in coming weeks I'll just keep my main questions to this thread for easy finding.

First just a couple of simple questions:

Does GI blur radius affect the blurring of cubic B-spline(soft) antialiasing? I suspect not but it seems a bit too soft for an overall render I've never used other than default 8 blur radius yet. Still, I'm going to try some nice fake DOF effects with different AA renders and postwork layering.

Render Detail Jittering? What does it do? And does it and microvertex jittering create significantly longer render times?

I'll be back with more later, time is short, the school-run beckons...


GI Blur Radius is separate from the antialiasing filters. Some of the filters *are* very soft (or sharp).

Render Detail Jittering and Microvertex Jittering are both intended to improve the quality of renders, particularly in certain situations, by introducing a bit more "randomness" and thus reducing the "computery" look, in a sense. Microvertex Jittering in particular addresses the "parallel lines" sometimes seen in water and surface layers. I believe Detail Jittering may be more useful in animations, though I'm not sure. Matt may elaborate here.

Both do result in longer render times I believe, but should not be hugely significant.

- Oshyan


I mailed support on a couple of issues I'd found over the last week or so with this build, I reported a possibly problem with the tgo populator. ... Ignore that, I think it was the model I was using, the b-boxes weren't displaying at the right sizes, I think it was probably my fault, not TG's.

Could(at some point) there be a 'scale' transform parameter in the painted shader when using the 'plan' views? That'd be really handy instead of just the co-ord' transforms.

This build is definately getting very close. I'd really like the option to assign nodes to the 'input' and 'child layer' inputs of each shader/node, for everything else(translucency/opacity/disp/etc.) there is a pop-out dialogue with 'assign shader' as an option, or the right-click option in the node's external view... If you are in a node's internal network and you have put the input-node or the child layer input-node into the internal network view(from the external view's right click or the pop-out dialogue) there is currently no way to restore those 2 inputs back to their original posotions, on the outside of their node.

Great job, PS. I'll report any more findings here...


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I've just added an explanation for Detail Jittering here:
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