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Started by Mohawk20, November 14, 2008, 01:52:29 PM

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Hi Reck,

I think the 2 GB limit is more of a limitation than we originally thought it would be, but on the other hand I still think there are a lot of things we can do to improve matters. TG2 on 64 bit Windows as it is can use up to 4 GB, so that's an improvement. After final release we'll be working on a 64 bit version of TG2, and that should be a massive improvement for those with a 64 bit machine and OS.

OS X is able to use more memory at the moment, up to about 3.2 GB usually.

It would be helpful if you could send us your entire scene. If you have somewhere you can upload and then email me the link ( jomeder@planetside.co.uk ) to download it, that would be great. It sounds like it should be possible to render your scene, it doesn't sound extreme, so it would be interesting to try it out.




Well it's been rendering all day with the cache size set to 200MB and it's got further than before, 2-3rds done now so when I get up tomorrow hopefully it will have completed ok.

If it crashes again i'll send the file over Jo.



The good news is that reducing the cache size down to 200MB made the render complete with no errors  ;D

So should I set 200MB as my default size for future projects instead of the normal 400MB, what about 100MB? There must be a disadvantage to using smaller cache sizes otherwise the default would be a lot smaller than 400MB.


Yes, there can be a disadvantage to using a smaller subdiv cache. It might slow the rendering speed if you have a scene with lots of reflections, or rendered at high resolution and/or detail. It is more of a problem if you are rendering with more threads, because each thread is only allocated a small part of the total subdiv cache. In general it's difficult to predict what will be the best size to use. If you're working on a long-running project, it's probably worth spending some time testing different setups. Otherwise, stick to the default value and maybe reduce it if you get errors during rendering or if you know TG is using too much memory.

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I'd missed this reply but i'm glad I noticed it because i'd knocked the cache down in size and saved it as default. I'll move it back now that i've read this and alter as needed.