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Started by Esgalachoir, November 16, 2008, 09:44:40 pm

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Hi Planetside,
I'm using Terragen 2 beta(Deep) the latest registered version.  I've come across a couple glitches. The first glitch happens quite often. The second one only once. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, so here they are -
Bug #1:
Sometimes, after closing a window within Terragen 2 (i.e. a shader window, the render window, or surface layer window, etc...) Terragen 2 will minimize.
The reverse also happens occasionally.  I'll close a window outside of T2, and T2 will maximize.  I noticed in the forums that this is happening to more than just me.
Bug #2:
I was toying with the small scale slider for a fake rock shader, and two critical error windows came up within T2, which terminated immediately aftarwards.  Unfortunately, I don't remember if T2 closed itself down or if I did it out of reflex(I'm not a programmer, so when something crashes, I have this habit of not reading what the warnings said and closing everything as fast as possible so I can resume my work)

That's all at the moment,

- Corin


Thanks for the bug reports and sorry about the late response. The first issue is something we're aware of and we are looking into it. Can you reproduce the 2nd issue?

- Oshyan