Blank Page when printing Web Pages: Header and Footer Print Only

Started by Cyber-Angel, November 18, 2008, 01:08:29 am

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I have this on going problem with a friend of mines computer, every time they want to print a HTML based page in IE 8 (Beta) when they only get a blank page with just the Header and Footer information on the page and that is all. I am at a lose as what to do, I have run cheeks by printing documents saved locally and they seem to print fine, I have cheeked basic stuff like the driver version (which is the latest one), the ink level and print head alignment, and have run the nozzle cleaning utility just to be sure, to no avail.

Could some one please help me help my friend, as I am at a lose for what to do and don't wish to wast any more paper. I should note also that when you look at the print preview for these pages all you see for some reason is just the header and footer information with the main body been blank and that the zoom level is at the default level (Shrink to Fit) so you should see some thing but you don't. The Printer is an Epson Color Stylus 670.


Regards to you.



I am very sure it has nothing to do with the printer. It sounds like an IE8 beta problem. This generally happens when you print frames pages and have blank frames. Have you tried to print from IE7 or Firefox? If they don't work I would try the printer on anth computer just in case, but it seems like a software problem.


Dark Fire

I'd say it's an IE8 beta problem. I've had the beta for a week or two now, and I've found that it's full of bugs. Pasting something into the address bar is guaranteed to crash can't seem to decide whether it's going to do transparency in images, or not...the clickable area for links seems to be randomly extended sometimes...etc.



I have not yet tried Firefox on my friends system and he no longer has IE7, I will try the other printer he has and i'll see what happens. I must say that I two have IE8 Beta and have had similar problems in the past when friends whom aren't connected to the Internet come round so that they may book E-Tickets for Air Travel and when you try to print their boarding card the only thing that prints is the header and footer information, this is both a wast of paper and of ink not to mention time.

I will try these things in due course just no sure when this will be possible.

Regards to you.