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Started by ton, January 17, 2007, 02:46:49 pm

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Maybe something for a 'future' release..

I'd be nice to be able te create a custom control panel.. So I'd have one slider from node A another from node B etc.. etc.. in one panel .. which enables me (or somebody that's also working on the setup) to quickly control my main scene ops..

another thing .. collaboration would be interesting to look at. Say I've got one guy working on the atmosphere, another on shaping the terrain, somebody else is build shaders etc.. etc.. but all working in the SAME scene-setup..

thanks, Ton.

Dark Fire

I think that a more customisable interface would be helpful sometimes. Collaboration tools could be useful too. However, T2TP is still a bit too early in its development for these things to be a priority.


A "custom control panel" function is something we plan to implement in the form of a macro system which would allow you to bundle together groups of nodes and settings and then expose single or grouped settings through a custom control set. This is very similar to how World Machine works, if you're familiar with that. WM has very robust macro support and that's a model I'd like to see followed in TG2. We may not be able to have all such functionality in the initial TG2 release, but we'll certainly refine and add to it over time.

Realtime collaboration functions are unlikely to be added and in any case are somewhat impractical for an application like TG2.

- Oshyan