Crop Region crashes, and also another idea for the crop-thing

Started by Revenant, December 21, 2006, 09:25:23 AM

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when you for example twist the bottom cut and top cut, so that they change positions (bottom for top and otherwise round), tp crashes or just renders a black screen :D . it seems only 100% correct rectangles work without crossovers, i figured this out accidently, as i was going to crop a region but i confused the top with the bottom slider.

i also think a good option is, to create the rectangle with left mouse button pressed down, so you can easy create and select other regions to render, also maybe the option, to render more parts of your image at the same time. Like when you want to see if the water is good, the snow on the mountains, and your cirrus clouds. So you do not have to render the whole thing, but just the important parts.

I hope everybody understands what i wanted to say with this.

just my 2 clou... ehhh.. cents ;-)


We will defintely be allowing a "draw your render area on the preview" function. I'm not sure if it would be possible to draw multiple render areas but I agree this sounds like a cool thing to allow.

The crash is noted and I believe was a previously discovered issue. It's easily worked around, at least.

- Oshyan